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Fall Hockey 5's

We are once again running Hockey 5s, an explosive short format played with boards on pitches that are half or quarter size.  The format is fast, furious and attractive to young players because of its speed and skill development.  Hockey 5’s is the format used in the Youth Olympics and the fast-paced games creates an exciting and technically demanding game. 
Players attend one skills session and one game session per week. This combination is designed to teach skills and then provide game-time to allow players to test their skills against their peers in a match environment.   Program features include:
  • 60-90 minute weekly practice
  • Program is led by professional club coaches
  • Hockey 5’s games give a new dimension to training, forcing technical precision, speed and aerobic strength
  • The Hockey 5’s field has boards around the field. This creates good spatial awareness and the use of angles and rebounds to eliminate defenders.
  • Players are not assigned to teams and we will not be taking friend requests

It is highly recommended that all players register for Skills + Games to ensure they benefit from full skills development and participation.

Girls Grade K-9 - Fall hockey 5's

Grade K, 1, 2 & 3

Thursday, 5-6pm

OR Friday, 5 -6pm

Sunday, 8.45-9.45am 
OR Sunday, 9.45-10.45am

Grade 4 & 5

Thursday, 6 - 7pm

OR Friday, 6 - 7pm

Sunday, 4.15 - 5.30pm
Grade 6 & 7 Saturday, 7 - 8pm Sunday, 5.45- 7pm
Grade 8 & 9 Saturday, 8 - 9.30pm Sunday, 7.15 -8.30pm

Location:  All sessions take place at Rutledge Field

Dates for Grades K-5
Skills start September 19 (Thur) or September 20 (Fri) and end December 5 (Thur) or December 6 (Fri).  No sessions Oct 10,  Oct 11,  Oct 31, Nov 8
Games run September 22 - December 8 with no sessions on Oct 13 or Nov 10. 

Dates for Grades 6-9:
Skills start September 21 and end December 7th.  No sessions Oct 12 or Nov 9.
Games start September 22 and end December 8. No sessions Oct 13 or Nov 10.

Uniform: We provide a Fall Hockey 5s t-shirt for you to keep

Grade K-5 - $200 Skills + Games or $140 Skills only
Grade 6 - 9 - $300 Skills + Games or $200 Skills only


We ensure that all activities are appropriate for our players' age and stage of Long-Term Athlete Development.  For more information on LTAD and what it means, click here.

FUNdamentals (6-8 years)

FUNdamentals Stage of Long-Term Athlete Development:

  • learning fundamental movement skills and building overall motor skills
  • developing core field hockey skills
  • introducing simple rules and ethics of sport

Learn To Train (9-12 years)

Learn to Train stage of Long-Term Athlete Development:

  • learning fundamental movement skills and sport skills
  • developing core field hockey skills
  • learning the rules and ethics of sport

Train to Train (12-14 years)

Train to Train stage of Long-Term Athlete Development:

  • Building an aerobic base and developing speed and strength
  • Futher developing and consolidating field hockey skills
  • Focusing on continuous improvement, playing fair and sportsmanship