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Welcome to the Women's & Men's Divisions!

Our Philosophy

Hockey for all levels - We support the introduction of new players at any age.  If you are starting field hockey, returning to play or looking for a competitive challenge, we have a team or program that can meet your needs.

Clear pathways - We have created strong pathways between the Junior and Adult divisions, allowing players to transition between programs and stay within our club as they get older. Both younger and older players benefit from the experience that they get playing together on a team. 

Social community - We have a thriving social community through social activities and programs.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Introducing Adult Indoor drop in!

Join us Sundays from 4.30-5.45pm in February 2019. Find out more and register here!

Men's League

Head here for information about our Men's League that runs from Sept-March

Women's League

Head here for information on our Women's League that runs from Sept-March

Women's Recreation

Check out our Women's Recreational & Hockey Fit program here