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Coaches are some of the world’s most important, impactful people. You lead and encourage players in developing skills that support them on the field and in life.  

This section contains all the key information, policies and procedures that you need to know when coaching for our club.

What do I need before I start coaching?

Thank you for coaching with WVFHC!  Before you start, you are required to make yourself familiar with these key policies that are designed to maintain the safety of our members.  If you have any questions, please email

Criminal Record Checks

All individuals working, volunteering or who have direct contact with children aged 19 or under must submit a criminal records check (CRC) to the club. Read on for how to do this.

Code of Conduct

We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the game. WVFHC has adopted Field Hockey BC's RESPECT code of conduct for coaches, managers and officials. As a coach or manager, WVFHC requires you to read and acknowledge this.

Safety Resources

All coaches must familiarise themselves with the WVFHC safety guidelines and procedures, including the Serious Incident Protocol. This also includes Emergency Action Plans for every field.

Privacy of Information

In the course of coaching, you may receive personal information about our members. Please adhere to these practices when collecting, maintaining and using personal information.